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Trusted Executive Search Firm in Asia established since 1984

GTSJ Asia is the trusted and pre-eminent executive search firm in Asia. We work with industry leaders and their organisations across private and public sectors, to strengthen talent structures and fine-tune strategic capabilities. Through the identification, assessment and recruitment of top calibre and best-in-class individuals, we assist our partners to meet their leadership objectives for  enhanced performance, growth and resilience. First established in 1984, GTSJ Asia has built up a track record of more than 2,000 searches and serviced over 600 clients.


Our mission to deliver the best talent is built on a foundation of trust, dedication and passion for what we do.

Committed, Honest & Candid

We Collaborate and Achieve More Together

To Align as Brand Ambassadors For
Our Clients

Customised Approach
to Every Assignment

Leave No
Stone Unturned

Foster Engaging & Positive Candidate Experiences



We take pride in helping some of the leading companies in the world, as they search and cultivate top talent into global leaders

Stock Exchange
Serious Conversation

Board Member,

Financial Services Group

“I said the best things about GTSJ Asia and its team.”

Group CEO,

Diversified Group

“There is always more work and progress to be made, I am ever-thankful and counting on the  continued support of your team!”


Media Group

“We always work with the people we trust, and GTSJ Asia is our go to.”

Head of HR,

Travel and Retail Group

“I recommend GTSJ Asia based on the history of our strong established partnership they’ve  consistently delivered results for us!”

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